Bottlefed - Physical Theatre Ensemble

Bottlefed is a London-based performance company co-founded and run by Kathrin Yvonne Bigler (director/writer) and Rebeca Fernandez Lopez (choreographer/performer). The company has two main activity strands: Bottlefed Ensemble (performance and research) and Bottlefed Workshops (education and outreach). Both Kathrin and Rebeca grew up in Switzerland, where they began their artistic careers. Their partnership was ignite in the UK, where they met while studying at LIPA (Liverpool University for Performing Arts). Bottlefed is based in London but is currently working on building artistic relationships to nurture exchange between the UK and local Swiss artists/venues, with an outlook to have regular commitments there in the future. Bottlefed’s past performances were short listed for the Total Theatre Award 2007 for 'Best Original Work by an Ensemble' and for 'Best Direction' at Lost Theatre Festival 2006. Current performers Astor Agustsson, Agnes Brekke, Shu-Yi Chin, Rebeca Fernandez, Lopez Catherine Lake, Tom Mitchell, Vala Omarsdottir, Irene Wernli Musicians Sadie Anderson, Philipp Moll, Lawrence Williams (all Kobayashi)

How – What – Why – Where – etc.

How was bottlefed initiated?

Kathrin (writer/director) and Rebeca (choreographer/performer) met in 2000 during their studies at LIPA. Their artistic relationship began in their first year, when they collaborated on a site-specific cross-art production and realised that they had similar artistic views and complemented each other very well, both personally and professionally. They founded Bottlefed in 2005, once they had relocated to London, where the company is now based.

Do you use different medias, sound, light or do you restrict these effects to a minimum?

Besides using dance, physical theatre and text, we work with live musicians, who are an integral part of the process and the performances. For our latest piece ‘Hold Me Until You Break’, we are also collaborating with a lighting designer and a scenographer/designer who share our approach to experimentation and collaborative process.

What are your expectations for the coming tour?

As this is our first international tour, we are very keen in finding out how our work is received in those countries. The main purpose of this tour is also to build up links and contacts in the cities/countries we go to, for future performances, running of workshops and spreading of our name.

Are you going to develop the piece during the tour, will it be adapted to the various sites, cities, spaces?

We work site-specifically and believe that a piece of art lives from the time and space it is performed in - we are therefore planning to adapt it to each space and place we're performing at. We want our work to be relevant to the audience who experiences it. As it will be a structured improvisation, we will have quite a big scope for adaptations.

What is the best place in London to go and see dance performances?

Sadler's Wells (Angel) and Barbican for big UK and international companies/artists The Place (Euston) for contemporary dance and upcoming artists, Chisenhale Dance Space (Bethnal Green) for small-scale, new experimental work Jacksons Lane (Highgate) for physical/visual theatre.


Conceived and performed by physical theatre ensemble Bottlefed. Live music by Kobayashi.

Thursday 2 - Saturday 4 April 2009, 8pm
Preview performances @Jacksons Lane, Highgate, London

A performance about love. A performance about relationships. A performance with no set ending. It will be different every night: love is a risk and unpredictability rules.
Free improvisation within a set structure.
Durational. Honest. Minimal. Raw.
'At the beginning there was the image of a woman holding a man until she breaks. We did it many times. We broke in many different ways. It always hurt.
Hold Me Until You Break will be performed at Schlachthaus Theater Bern, Switzerland, in September 2009. More performance dates tbc.

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