As stated on their website: Brilliant and sinuous, collector of photographic discoveries and forms of criticism, Dorade is an artistic periodical where mermaids admit to their slightly fishy odour. Dorade is a show, a series of performances, and a statement in serial issues. Neither old nor young, but both naive and sneering: it enjoys drawing poetic parallels between the people and places it examines. Does Dorade draw its inspiration from the people it encounters or is it an inspiration in and of itself? All those who have featured in its pages tend to resemble it, becoming a caricature of themselves – like Dorade, the sponge that absorbs and expectorates them. Somewhere between a chic shark and a straight talking carp, Dorade enjoys rolling around in breadcrumbs, asking silly questions then gleaning spawning theories, maximising the absurd and pursuing metaphors to the bitter end. Although it may take the joke too far, it knows how to make up for it the next time around.

How – What – Why – Where – etc.

Hello Dorade tell us a little about yourself. What's your story?

We are (Philippe Jarrigeon and Sylvain Menétrey) the editors of Dorade. Philippe is originally a photographer and Sylvain a writer. We are together inspired by dirty glitter, old texts and findings and we had a great urge to do an editorial project together. Dorade is born on the corner of a coffee table last spring. We wanted to reactivate the absurd thought in 2010 visual environment, something between grace and triviality, critics and stupid poetry, beautiful faces and nasty bodies, a periodical where mermaids admit to their slightly fishy odor!

Where do you live and work?

The head office is based between Paris and Lausanne, but the Dorade team works and lives everywhere, especially where it's pleasant to live.

How do you work? How many people form the magazine?

As editors, we choose a thematic that we bend and manipulate in an absurd way to define the content.  There are about 20 people contributing to the magazine: photographers, artists, authors, critics and outsiders.  For this first issue we have worked with our network of knowings but the Dorade family grows everyday. Some of the authors like the fashion journalist Delphine Roche, the architect Edouars Ropars or the photographer Pauline Beaudemont are special because they embody the spirit of the magazine. They are not only authors, they are muses (and models) for Dorade.

What is the perfect place to enjoy reading Dorade?

Everyday in a hot bath, a source of eternal youth said Jean Marais.

"The beginnings" is a very self conscious theme? How long did you work on it?

It is indeed a self conscious theme even if we tried not to talk of us. We worked on it during 5 months, among them 2 full-time months when our graphic designer Emmanuel Crivelli joined us to create Dorade's layout. The works was achieved in two steps. We gathered the content that we sent to him. Emmanuel made with it a layout that is, as Angelo Cirimele describes it, more like "a Mondrian paintings than the front of a modernist building".

What will the next theme be?

Ah ah nosy little boy, it's still a secret, but Dorade the 2nd will be spring-like, sexy and will ensure to its readers an unforgettable summer. Good news for the international audience, there will be much more texts in british english.

What was the main motivation behind Dorade?

Dorade is to be considered as a curatorial space, where we try to make parallels between different disciplines and topics in an absurd and playful way. 

Congratulations for the interesting list of contributors, any memorable moments on the beginnings of any of these relationships?

Yes, a very funny adventure in Natacha Lesueur's cellar, looking with her for old polaroids hidden in an incredible amount of things collected for years. The precious pictures were of course in the last box we found.  Another unforgettable moment is when the great 3 colors pyramidal buffet that we spend the day to build and prepare for our launch in Paris collapsed due to a dishonest trestle... All our audience was eating on the ground in an especially sophisticated time: perfectly Dorade. Love it!

Which website, books etc. do you check regularly for inspiring visual material?

Only museums, especially old museums are our food! But don't misunderstand: Dorade is wired! We check a lot of things. Recently for example we really appreciated the blog: which is a compilation of death columns. 

Where do you go to buy magazines?

In Paris, at Le Comptoir de l'image and Agora Press for more contemporary magazines. In Berlin, we like Motto Bookshop and Do you read me.